Saturday Night in Philadelphia and the party continues!

Doors open at Woody’s at 7PM with our Weekend Happy Hour going from 7PM to 9PM

At 10PM, We open the the main dance floor with the best house, hip-hop, pop and dance music including many top-40 remixes. That, combined with incredible visuals and the hottest crowds in Philly, keeps Woody’s at the top of the list for America’s Top Gay Bars. MAIN DANCE FLOOR: SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH: DJ DOZIA

The Suite is the glamorous Old Hollywood style lounge and dance floor that features party tracks, hip-hop, freestyle, and mashups. THE SUITE: SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH: DJ KYLE TURK

Rosewood, our sophisticated cocktail lounge and dance floor is great for gathering with cool friends that love rare grooves and throwbacks. ROSEWOOD: SEPTEMBER 9TH: AZN JAKE

Globar is our chic and futuristic sexy corner lounge and dan

ce floor that you can hear popstars remixed by global superstar producers before any other DJ is spinning it.GLOBAR: SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH: DJ ED CHRISTOF

The pub bar, for over 36 years, has served Philly’s Gay Community and is the hub of the neighborhood. Friendly bartenders, great company, and dance videos from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. VIDEOS MAIN BAR: SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH: VJ PRICE