On Thursday October 26th, With your help throughout October, Woody’s was able to donate $6000 to the Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Efforts.

“Thank you Councilman Squilla for your continued support for Puerto Rico as we raised over $6,000 last night at Woody’s for the relief efforts on the island! This hits so close to home for many of us and I cannot thank everyone for the incredible support! Together we are #UnidosPaPR”
Councilwoman María Quiñones-Sánchez · October 27 ·



Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico as a high-end Category 4 hurricane on September 20.

Woody’s donated 100% of the door proceeds,
every Thursday in October, to #UnidosPaPR.

The Latin Connection Family, pioneers of the new Latin Movement are the industry’s latest Latin crossover group. From the ground up the group debuts 13 top DJ/Producers, notorious for their eccentric personalities and showmanship. The Family is present in over five markets with premier residencies in each city. From their local underground inception to their current mainstream appeal the Latin Connection Family has been stirring up a significant buzz in 2012 at concerts, festivals, and nightlife venues along the East Coast. The group has been successful in attracting a mainstream audience that brands them as the pioneers of the Latin Fusion sound. LC has become a commercial outlet and entertainment connection to the new age taste for Latin Americans.

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