Q: Do you host 18 and over nights?
A: Woody’s is for adults, 21 years of age or older.
Q: What is the cover charge?
A: Cover charges vary according to the event. Usually $10 on regular weekend nights with no cover in Rosewood or Globar. No cover during the week on non-holiday or special events.
Q: What types of ID are allowed for entry?
A: Any valid photo state issued motor vehicle license, official military photo ID, or passport that proves the guest is over the age of 21. These ID cards are scanned and on occasion, if the ID is questionable or fails to scan, our security staff is instructed to require an additional form of identification.
Q: Is there a dress code?
A: We have no dress code. – sneakers , sweats and timberlands are ok
Q: Do you allow cigarette smoking?
A: Woody’s is a smoke-free environment. SmokeFree Philly is part of Get Healthy Philly, an initiative led by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to make Philadelphia a healthy, active, and smoke-free city.
Q: Can I vape at Woody’s?
A: Bill 140095 – Prohibits indoor e‐cigarette use. This law applies to all electronic smoking devices, such as e‐cigarettes, e‐cigars, e‐hookahs, and vape pens
Q: Is the club available for private parties?
A: Please email administration@woodysbar.com.com to have a representative assist you.
Q: Why can’t I reach anyone on the phone?
A: Our phone system is automated and most of the correspondence happens online.
Q: Do you have a lost and found?
A: If you lost an item at the club, please visit: LOST AND FOUND right away. Remember- you won’t receive a response until the next night (24 hours)
Q: Can you stop allowing annoying bachelorette parties?
A: Woody’s is open for business and that means anyone who wants to party at Woody’s, can. We would never turn anyone away based on gender, race, sexuality, disability, or age.
If someone is bothering you while you are visiting with us, you are encouraged to discreetly inform a member of our security staff and they will diffuse the problem.
Be advised: bachelorette parties and party buses are notorious for over intoxication, therefore it must be approved earlier in the day through management. Unexpected visits from bachelorette parties or party buses over 10 people, will be turned away.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: We are always collecting applications, looking for that person that lights up a room, is ready to have fun, knows how to work hard, and enjoys making others happy. Apply online at: JOBS